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Strategic Outsourcing - How to improve your Bottom Line

Outsourcing allows you to quickly capitalize on new opportunities and service you customer’s ever changing demands.  With 24 hour worldwide servicing cycles and rapid delivery systems, often Outsourcing can be as fast and efficient as doing it yourself with the added benefits of lower costs to improve your profitability.

Steps to effective production outsourcing:

  1. Identify an Outsource partner that can meet your diverse needs and offer one-stop servicing. They should offer many different design services and production capabilities.

  2. Pre-identify your specific project needs so they can be easily communicated with your Supplier.

  3. Submit quotation requests over their internet site or through email or phone to obtain pricing, production timing, samples, and logistics and customs services.

  4. Submit your detailed purchase order confirmation which outlines all key specifications. Documenting your requirements is the best way to ensure your customer satisfaction.

  5. Upon receipt of a Final Proof approval request or a preproduction sample, review it carefully to ensure it meets your requirements. Written approvals are required by the Supplier prior to commencing with production.

  6. Ensure the production schedule meets yours or your clients needs. Allow for a suitable buffer in the schedule for the unavoidable delays that can occur in Customs and shipping.

  7. Request delivery confirmation and inspect the outer packaging for damage which might have occurred in transit. Notify your Supplier immediately if observed and note on the Shipper’s forms.
Displays and Signage is ready to support your next outsourced marketing and branding project. Our knowledgeable sales team, experienced production staff and Quality Control teams will ensure your project meets all of your requirements. We are here for the long term and want your repeat business.

How can you obtain the best service from Displays and Signage

It is our goal to respond to your quotation request within two working days. By fully addressing the following points, our response time can be cut to the absolute minimum:
  1. Submit a detailed description of the product desired and associated services.

  2. If possible, provide a picture or sample of the product, the quantity desired and any logo requirements.

  3. Advise of any special packing, shipping or distribution requirements. Advise if shipments need to be split or sent to fulfillment or distribution centers.

  4. Provide any budgetary and schedule constraints. We offer different product lines with associated price point and manufacturers such that we can match your needs with flexible offerings.

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